Im-peck-able Surroundings

Lying west of Tauranga, the Kaimai Ranges separate the Bay of Plenty from the Waikato. The ranges are mostly forested with many valleys and summits between 550 and 950 metres. Located right in the middle of this extraordinary landscape lays Kaimai Eggs.

You may have seen or heard of Otto's Eggs throughout the years, the same great quality and care is being packed into our new Kaimai Eggs Cartons. Since 2011, Otto McGirr and our family have proudly produced fresh Free Range and Barn Eggs for the local community. We are a local farm, we know the people we supply and we know our eggs aren't travelling for miles.

The welfare of our hens is our focus so our 'girls' can focus on laying lovely eggs. A great chicken makes a great egg - it's that simple. We're committed to providing the very best eggs, which come from the happiest hens.

Giving back and supporting the community we are a part of is of utmost importance to us. We're heavily involved in the local community and love to see our eggs make their way to tables throughout the region.